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Kenneth B. Rundle, D.D.S.

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Dentistry for Charity

Dr. Kenneth B. Rundle: Man with a Mission

Dr. Rundle first became interested in Medical/Dental Mision work back in 1982 when he traveled to El Salvador to adopt a child. During his visit to this war torn country, he saw the extreme need there for dental and medical attention. The population was caught between a government trying to assert its authority and a Cuban-backed communist insurgency which was trying to overthrow the government.

At first, due to the limitations on travel under war time conditions, Dr. Rundle worked in and around the capital of El Salvador (San Salvador) in government and church run orphanages. As time passed, however, and Dr. Rundle became better known by the governmental authorities, he was able to travel to El Salvador with teams of medical and dental personnel several times a year and work in areas farther and farther from the capital (he has worked in all 14 departments of this country and seen more of the countryside than most Salvadorans). Also, he assisted with bringing in medical teams to work in the charity children's hospital, Benjamin Bloom, located in downtown San Salvador.

In time, Dr. Rundle also partnered with other individuals and traveled to other countries to provide basic dental care for the less fortunate. Over the years he has also traveled to Haiti, Mexico, and Ethiopia. He has always felt that in doing this labor of love he has received far more than he gave. In more recent years, Dr. Rundle and his wife, Mercedes, have traveled to Kenya with Children's Hope International, a not-for-profit organization founded by her. Together with their Executive Board, they traveled to Kenya to assess areas of possible need that could be addressed by the organization. More recently, they traveled with a medical missions team from Rivers of the World to Honduras to work among the poor. Dr. Mercedes, a pre-doctoral Psychology student at the time, provided an invaluable complement to the medical treatment the team was able to provide. together, they hope to continue this family tradition of helping the less fortunate.